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Introduction to Climbing

Find out about the history of sport climbing and the different types of climbing that we train for at BIC. This is an informative lecture with videos and close up demonstrations of modern climbing gear and techniques used both indoors and out. Here is the perfect opportunity to see why we are here and where we are headed as we try to expand our facility and offerings. This class will be especially helpful for parents and non-climbers when deciding if sport climbing is an activity right for them or their children.
1:15-1:30 minutes with climbing free after class
Led by BIC owner Bradley Leighton

Bouldering Skills (basic)

After completing our Bouldering Skills class, you will have the skills needed to begin a regular bouldering routine. You will learn how to properly fall onto a padded floor, warm up for and structure a proper bouldering session, and identify and practice skills. You will also learn about bouldering terminology and proper etiquette. We will help you overcome the social barriers to climbing and understand how climbers work together while bouldering.

Bouldering relies on padded flooring rather than ropes and harnesses for protection. Climbers generally only climb between 10 and 15 feet high. For that reason, no additional equipment other than the padded floor is needed. This class is ideal for climbers who are new to the sport and want to establish a dependable foundation of skills.

Age Requirement: 14 Years of Age and Over
Duration: 1.5 - 2 Hours
Includes: Shoes, liquid chalk and day pass

Intermediate Skills (V2-V3)

Why take a Skills Class?

Self motivation and team encouragement
Increased desire to excel and developed willpower
Efforts yield tangible rewards like improbed balance, flexibility and strength
Climbing teaches us to know our limits and expand them
Clear communication skills with climbing partners
Engaging with nature through a unique activity
Develops values such as solidarity, cooperation, respect and inclusiveness
Improved mental abilities including visualization, memorization and coordination
Promotes character formation and integration into a community of fellow climbers

Keiki Class - for climbers 4 - 10 

This class is intended to introduce new climbers AND their parents to the fast growing sport climbing discipline of Bouldering
— What is sport climbing and bouldering
— Falling practice
— Safe spotting technique for parent
— Traverse practice
— Climbing games
Parents required on mats with keiki under 5



Elle O'Brien

Elle grew up climbing trees, and threw herself into rock climbing when she moved to the crack climbing mecca of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada in 2017. After diving fingers first into bouldering, Elle gained invaluable knowledge of training and technique through her university climbing team and a gaggle of climber friends. She realized early on that she loves all forms of climbing, and has since gained experience in many forms of indoor and outdoor skills.

Elle is known for preferring climbs that “make you look very silly,”  taking naps at the top of rock faces, and sharing her passion and knowledge of climbing through route setting and teaching classes in settings such as British Columbia, Alaska, and now Hawaii.


Karina Gallant

Karina was introduced to climbing at 9 years old, and it’s been deeply woven into her life ever since. She began training and climbing competitively when she was 11 years old, but soon realized that all her training was not for competition, but leading her towards more simplicity in movement, as well as access to beautiful landscapes. She spent her summers climbing up and down the Northwest coast, before settling for a few years in a climbing mecca. She has continued on to learn and teach in many places and many communities, as climbing has been a central point in her explorations.

Karina GallantHer years of climbing teams and competitions have taught her technique and training, while her times of exploration have brought out her passion and curiosity. She believes both are equally important when learning to climb. She has combined her innate love of movement and nature, with her desire to facilitate learning, and finds joy in introducing and expanding climbing knowledge in others, as her teachers did for her.

Rose Gallant

Rose GallantRose has designed workouts and training programs all over the world, including in Morocco and Spain. She’s worked with teens and people of all ages and graduated from Washington University with a BA in Recreation Management. She is an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor and has led canyoning and climbing trips in multiple locations. We are happy to have Rose join us for a class or two, even thought she’s only on island for a short time.