Nature Care Inc.

Nature Care Inc. is a not for profit company committed to improving our community’s holistic health. They provide massage, life coaching and personal training. Price is set on a sliding scale based on your ability to pay.

Thom Camenzind of Nature Care Inc.

Thom Camenzind
Nature Care Inc.’s Thom Camenzind

Life Coach
Thom started his career as a Life Coach in 1977 as a Suicide Prevention Counselor. He has managed a halfway house for drug addicted teens and served as an Outdoor Recreation Counselor for children with special needs. He became a Life Coach with Denis Waitley’s prestigious “Winning for Life” program in 1990. There he counseled heads of industry, government research scientists, civil servants, professional athletes and various other clients from all walks of life. He assisted them in overcoming any obstacles that were preventing them from achieving their personal and/or professional goals. Since moving to Hawaii, Thom has worked as a Personal Adjustment Trainer for the State of Hawaii’s Department of Social Services, and an Inclusion Specialist within the State’s Department of Education.
Massage Therapist
In 1993 Thom became a Massage Therapist and has received specialized training in deep tissue, lomi-lomi and sports massage. He is also a certified Cranial Sacral Therapist and Reiki Healer. Since 2006 Thom has worked as a Massage Therapy Instructor and helped in the creation and operation of more than a dozen spas here in Hawaii and throughout Japan
Personal Trainer
Thom began working as a gym instructor in 1982. He later received training from the ACSM, AFAA, and ACE to become a Personal Trainer and Behavior Modification Counselor. He has created and operated numerous gyms and personal training companies here in Hawaii and throughout the U S mainland. Currently he holds advanced certifications in High Intensity Training and Corrective Exercise.

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