Big Island Climbing - Indoor Rock Climbing for All Ages

Open weekdays noon to 8pm and weekends 10am to 6pm. Sign waiver! Kama'aina Day use $15 for adults, $10 for youth up to age 16. Shoe rental $3 (please wear socks). We sell socks for $2. Visitor rates $5 more per person. No street shoes or bare feet on the mats or the walls. Sign waiver! Wear comfortable clothes. Long hair best in a pony tail. Be ready for FUN! NO LOOSE CHALK! Sign waiver! 


We partner with Adventure Centers Hawaii, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. YOU can help stimulate community interest, involvement and support in the field of physical fitness education for children and young adults who otherwise would not have access to such services. Funds raised will provide an opportunity for children and young adults to actively engage in the techniques of bouldering while providing a supervised safe space to socialize with other individuals who share the same interests and goals. DONATE HERE

IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE - Things to do before you get here:

  • Sign Waiver - important to do BEFORE  you get here!
  • Bring socks
  • Wear comfy clothing
  • Put long hair in pony tail
  • Bring bottled water and snacks for when you take a break

Things to know before you get here:

  • No street shoes or bare feet on the mats
  • No food on the mats/climbing walls
  • Do not wear climbing shoes in the bathroom
  • We sell water and snacks

Experienced Climbers:


Rock Climbing Shoes - bring or rent

Chalk: Liquid Chalk  - NO LOOSE  CHALK - bring or buy LIQUID

Water Bottle - bring or buy and refill

Snacks - bring or buy


Welcome to the Island of Hawaii's first dedicated rock climbing gym, where we offer an exciting bouldering experience for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Located in Hilo, on the east side of the island, we're passionate about providing an accessible bouldering experience for everyone.

About Us: We take pride in being the first gym on the Island of Hawaii dedicated exclusively to bouldering. Our mission is to share the thrill of unroped climbing with our community, fostering a sense of adventure, strength, and camaraderie.

Bouldering Only, No Ropes: Step into our gym, and you'll discover approximately 800 sq. ft. of bouldering space, featuring 14-foot high walls with a variety of routes and problems designed to cater to all ability levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, you'll find challenges that suit your skills.

Liquid Chalk Only: Please note that loose chalk is not allowed within our facility to maintain a cleaner and safer climbing environment.

Climbing Shoe Rentals: If you don't have your own climbing shoes, don't worry! We offer climbing shoe rentals ($3), allowing you to experience bouldering comfortably and safely.

Observation Area for Friends and Family: While you're busy conquering our bouldering routes, we offer a comfortable observation area where friends and family can relax and watch our members and guests climb. It's a great place to cheer on your loved ones and share in their excitement.

Our Mission: We're committed to promoting bouldering as an exhilarating and fulfilling activity for everyone in the community. By providing a safe and supportive environment, we aim to inspire climbers of all ages to embrace the joys of unroped climbing and all the physical and mental benefits it brings.

Join us in this exciting journey of discovery, challenge, and fun! We look forward to welcoming you to our bouldering gym on the beautiful Island of Hawaii.

Hours of Operation: We're open every day of the week to accommodate your climbing adventures:

  • Monday to Friday: Noon to 8 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Every Second Saturday, join our walk-in classes at 10 am ($25, includes all-day pass and rental climbing shoes).
  • Every Second Saturday is Keiki Day, and kids get free shoe rental until 2 pm. Check our calendar for more information on hours of operation and special events.

Private Parties and Buyouts: We host private parties, and occasionally, we have buyout conditions. We encourage our guests and members to check our calendar on this website before coming in to make sure we are not closed for a buyout condition.

Private Instruction and Group Clinics: Classes happen periodically at Big Island Climbing, and you can find scheduled classes on our Events Calendar. Private instruction starts at $75/hour for up to 3 people. For those interested in private classes, please inquire at the front desk. Prepaid reservations are required. We also offer clinics such as "Intro to Sport Climbing," "Keiki Class or Camp" (ages 4 - 12), "Intermediate," and "Advanced Bouldering" techniques class. Our clinics are open to all and can be attended regularly as our instructors tailor sessions according to your progress. Most clinic prices are $25, including shoes and liquid chalk. Look under the tab "Shopping" for current offerings.

Stay Connected: Be sure to check the calendar in the gym and online for updates on member events and special activities.

Join us for an exhilarating climbing experience at Big Island Climbing, the indoor adventure center where adventure awaits! For more information or to make reservations, please call us at 808.491.2582.

Follow us on Instagram and FaceBook: @bigislandclimbing for the latest updates and inspiring climbing moments.

Would you like to share the bouldering experience with someone who cannot afford it themselves? Check out our GoFundMe page here.

Join us in this exciting journey to empower East Hawai'i's youth. Your donation, no matter the size, will make a significant difference in the lives of children who dream of reaching new heights.
Together, we can break down barriers and make bouldering a source of inspiration and growth for all. Thank you for being a part of this incredible mission.
Donate today and help us bring bouldering to every child in Hilo!
Your Gift is Tax-Deductible: Your generous contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This means that your donation may be eligible for a tax deduction, offering you an opportunity to support our mission while potentially reducing your taxable income. However, we recommend consulting with a tax advisor or professional to understand the specific tax implications of your donation in your unique financial situation. MAHALO NUI your support in making a positive impact in our community.